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Sten Sub-Machine Gun

This one isn't really a production AEG, rather a kit that can be bought from Smokey's Gun Factory. It requires an AK gearbox and barrel assembly to complete. That and some work on your part to get it all together. Those not familiar with working on airsoft guns need to know that there is always some cutting, hammering, filing, and general frustration involved in doing just about anything with an airsoft weapon. Ditto with this kit. But once it's finished, it is a very nice piece. All metal and wood, and just as reliable and effective as any other AEG.

Where to Buy

This is limited production, so if you want one, get it now. You'll have to search the overseas vendors and plan on paying big bucks; 90,000 yen, whatever that works out to be in dollars at the moment.

Other Information Sources

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