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MP44 Sturmgehrwer

Shoei Makes a bunch fantastic non fireing replicas. They made a beautiful Mp44, all metal and wood. This was the model they chose to turn into an electric powered airsoft gun.

The shoei Mp44 uses a marui gearbox. Once again its all metal and wood! Shooting about 290 fps out of the box. Because it uses the maurui M16 gearbox, it can be upgraded very easily, and parts are easily availible. However parts are not a concern because it should be very dependabl. It weighs a ton compared to say an M16A2, and is solid as a rock. Only the fore grip has about a milimeter of play (yes like the real one). The mags are pretty simple to convert to high cap, if you choose to. It uses an AK style (stick) battery for power.  I like this gun alot, I look forward to using it more often. I'd recomend it as the most practical, WWII German airsoft skirmish weapon availible.

Where to Buy

This gun is currently availible at numerous airsoft retailers. usually priced around $875. Den trinity stocks both the gun, magazines, even a conversion kit, in case you already have a marui M16.

Other Information Sources

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