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MP40 Schmieser

Asahi makes an MP40,  Powered by an external gas tank.The gun is actually a marushin (cap gun) body with Asahi internals. Detail is nice and a good amount of metal is used. Its a tough, solid, gun and the weight is surprisingly heavy. The magazines are almost perfect to original specs, I noticed an Asahi mag will fit in a real mp40, but a real mag wont fit in the asahi, go figure. you can operate the bolt, and it even flyes forward when the trigger is pulled (one time, its not automated). This is one gun I've used alot in airsoft combat, It's not bad at all, the absence of hop up, means you need to aim up a bit, but the massive velocity and evil rate of fire make up for it. Once you get used to it, you can rack up a good number of kills. Your will need atleast 3 magazines though!  Last time I saw one for sale it cost $800 (with 7 extra magazines). I know the gun cost $300 when it was new (one magazine included). Now there are other versions, that exist where the body of the gun is a different make. I have heard of metal versions, these are very rare, in all honesty, the standard asahi version is heavy enough (my opinion!)

I have seen custom electric MP-40s in the back of old issures of COMBAT magazine, but have no clue how to get them. there is virtually no information on them.

Tokyo Marui has mentioned It might make an MP40 to follow up on its M1A1 Thompson, but no news of this ever becoming reality. If it happens Ill be dancing in the streets! (till I get arrested). TOP has one in the was supposed to be released in '03, but tech difficulties have delayed it. The picture below is of the TOP version.

I will also make German soldier airsofting A LOT cheaper.

Where to Buy

This is still a rarity. Marushin now makes a MP40 kit that sells for just over $200. But this is cap gun replica, not an airsoft gun. It will take some work to convert it. As mentioned above, Tokyo Marui is rumoured to be making one of these in the future, but that remains to be seen. Below is a breakdown of the TOP version. This one is all metal and will run around $450 when released. A release date is still to be announced.

Other Information Sources

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