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M1 Carbine

Looking for a M1 to carry into battle? This looks like the ticket...until you look a little further at what it actually offers. The latest version of this weapon has several improvements over its predecessors, but still falls short of something you'd want to use in a game. Being gas powered and having a real wood stock, nice resin replication of all the metal parts, there could be promise of a real nice rifle...until you shoot it. This is what you call a SSB gun. Single shot, bolt action. Yes, it's gas powered, just like the fully auto M3, but for some reason, Marushin decided that it's best to have the user charge the bolt AFTER EVERY SHOT. Not only is this unrealistic, but it puts you at a severe disadvantage when going up just about anything else. One other thing to mention is that the newest version of this rifle shoots 8mm bbs instead of the traditional 6mm bbs used by all other airsoft guns. Price for this mixed bag, $240 for overseas vendors, about $325 if you can find it here in the states. Good luck though, no surprise this one isn't very popular with the US crowd.

Where to Buy

As I mentioned above, best availability is overseas vendors. Don't forget to order extra 8mm bbs, not likely you'll find them from US vendors anytime soon.

Other Information Sources

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