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M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle

Yes, JAC made a Browning automatic rifle, It was gas powered (via an external tank) It was of fantastic quality, Steel blued and parkerized parts! Depending on where the regulator was set, it was capable of eye popping fps (literally heh). It used the external gas tank system very similar to asahi guns. The cost was way up there, I belive it was $1200 new. When they are on ebay they fetch $1800. One retailer had them instock for that price only 2 years ago, now it seems the gun has disapeared for good. Would appreciate any more info on this gun, if anyone knows anything email me.  It would probably be possible to make an airsoft BAR out of a real parts kit (tho it wouldnt be easy). Id really only recomend experienced airsofters seek out this gun

Where to Buy

Not available anywhere. You might a used one being sold, but expect to pay big money. If someone is handy enough, has the right machinery, it would be very possible to make one of these using a Tokyo Marui P90 gear box. If anyone is interested in pursuing this, contact one of the association members, we just might be able to help out.

Other Information Sources

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