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M1911A1 Colt .45 Semi Automatic Pistol

The standard side arm for US ground forces in WWII. The basic design is still in use today and Colt released an exact copy of the WWII era government issue version just a few years a pricey $900. Thankfully, you can own your very own airsoft copy for only $40. Western Arms used to make a very nice gas blow back version of this pistol but stopped production about a year ago. It was expensive, $180, but very nice in detail and operation. Tokyo Marui has just come out with a springer version (one shot per charge of the slide) that has excellent detail, trademarks, and operation. All the safety features of the real steel pistol are functional on this model, including the grip safety device. Range is nice as TM has incorporated a fixed hop-up system which allows you to range targets out to about 75 feet with .2 gram bbs. Again, it's one shot at a time, but for right now the TM springer version is the only game in town. BTW, the photo above is a picture of the airsoft replica, not the real steel pistol.

Where to Buy

Most US vendors do not stock springer pistols. You will need to search or go with an overseas vendor. I picked up mine on Ebay for $35 which is a steal, price for even overseas vendors is around $45 before shipping. It was NIB and I'm not sure why so cheap, but I'm not going to ask any questions. Be adviced that if you order from overseas, the trademarks will likely be covered or destroyed to comply with customs. Fortunately, the one that I bought through Ebay had full trades.

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